Business Intelligence

There are many Business Intelligence companies on the market, but not all of them have built and run their own data extraction SaaS.

Our deep understanding of cloud data - and ability to hang it together in a reportable format - give us an advantage when it comes to building you the reports you need to drive your business.

Specialists in cloud-connected data

We can assist you with any reports you need, however our specialty lies in cloud-connected systems, including but not limited to


Accounts Transactions Transfers Contacts Customers Credit Notes Currencies Employees Expenses Invoices Items Journals Organizations Payments Orders Receipts Reports Rates Categories Users ... and more
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Locations Timesheets Employees Shifts Contacts Categories Events Teams Appraisals Pay periods Schedules Tasks ... and more
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Companies Customers Images Inventory Notifications Option Sets Orders Payments Payment Methods Prices Products Purchases Registers Sites Staff Taxes ... and more
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Customers Contacts Authors Comments Posts Topics Files Templates Deals Emails Products Forms Events Tickets Workflows Lists Leads Analytics ... and more
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Brands Consignments Customers Inventory Outlets Payment types Price books Products Images Registers Sales Suppliers Tags Users Taxes ... and more
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Customers Clients Companies Invoices Estimates Expenses Tasks Timesheets Projects Roles Users ... and more
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Registers Employees Customers Items Inventory Discounts Prices Transactions Payments Vendors Reports Taxes ... and more
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Users Updates Pulses Subscribers Notes Boards Groups Columns Tags Comments Statues ... and more
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Xero Practice Manager

Categories Clients Costs Fields Invoices Jobs Leads Orders Purchases Quotes Staff Suppliers Tasks Templates ... and more
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Contacts Branches Products Categories Options Sales Orders Payments Quotes Stock Transfers Adjustments Vouchers Users ... and more
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Customers Products Orders Sales Shipments Users Companies Payments Prices Invoices Quotes Stock Suppliers Warehouses Taxes ... and more
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Accounts Payments Contractors Tasks Schedules Assets Custom fields Catalogs Groups Inventory Vendors Contacts Companies ... and more
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