Looking for a contract developer role that utilises your amazing full-stack skills?

Why work at Blackball?

Blackball has been building software since 2004. We've built multi-national software systems processing huge amounts of data. We've built financial compliance and monitoring systems. Our software is in some of the largest manufacturing plants in the country.

But we've also built software for a huge number of small & medium-size customers - from retail stores needing real-time sales info on their clients, to small businesses with an e-commerce requirement, to startups with a hot idea but not-so-hot bank balance.

A job at Blackball will expose you to a huge variety of work and technologies. You will be given a large scope to work within and a great team to bounce ideas off and learn from. Why not drop us a line?

Our values

Blackball believes first and foremost in building beautiful software that clients love. We strive to understand and implement software requirements accurately and cost-effectively, regardless of the project size.

This is not just lip-service and marketing-speak. Ben has written a book about these values, as well as spoken at a variety of universities, tech-events and corporates around the country.

Soft skills, such as communication & empathy

Build a Minimum Viable Product

Love what you do

Support & mentor junior developers

Respect the client

There's more value in a long-term relationship than short-term profits

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